Riverton Road, Main Street, East River Road, Center Street, Morrison Hill Road, North Hollow Road, Granville Road, Hartland Boulevard, Hartland Road, West Granby Road, East Granby Road, Turkey Hills Road, Rainbow Road, Bradley Airport Connector

Direction: East/West
Western Terminus: Colebrook River Road (CT 8) in Winchester
Eastern Terminus: I-91 in Windsor
Distance: 31.56 miles
Counties: Litchfield, Hartford
Signed: Yes

CT 20 is a major east/west route in northern Connecticut. It begins at I-91 in Windsor. The westernmost section is an short expressway called the Bradley Airport Connector that connects I-91 to Bradley International Airport. The exits along the connector are not numbered. Near the airport, CT 20 leaves the connector and runs west as a two- to four-lane road. It ends at Colebrook River Road (CT 8) in Winchester.