Garden State Parkway

Direction: North/South
Southern Terminus: NJ 109 in Cape May
Northern Terminus: New York-New Jersey border
Distance: 172.40 miles
Counties: Cape May, Atlantic, Burlington, Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, Essex, Passaic, Bergen
Signed: No

The Garden State Parkway is a major north/south highway in New Jersey. Like other highways that are designated as parkways, the Garden State Parkway is open only to cars; trucks are prohibited. However, unlike the parkways in New York and Connecticut, the Garden State Parkway is a toll highway. It is different from most toll highways, though, in that drivers are not given a ticket when they get on and required to pay a toll when they exit. Instead, there are multiple tollbooths along the highway itself and drivers must pay a toll at each one that they pass. The Garden State Parkway carries an unsigned designation of NJ 444; there is no route number posted.